Post to Facebook on Behalf of Your User with Python/Django

Posting on facebook through python is fairly simple: you need acquire your user’s facebook access token, which you use to access the users facebook wall. Step 1: Create the facebook app First, create a new facebook app on and note down the APP_ID and APP_SECRET. Store this information in your django file. Step […]

Crop your images with CSS!

Instead of tracking down your language’s fancy image libraries, you can crop images very quickly with css. Simply use negative absolute positioning! HTML: CSS: If you don’t know the size of the image beforehand, you can use some javascript to compute the height and width:

Setting up iOS Push Notifications (APNS) with Python/Django through pyapns

Working with iOS for the first time can be a bit frustrating. For me, the most frustrating part was working with┬á Here I hope to help make push notifications with Python as painless as possible. Step 1: Enable for Apple Push Notification service and generate a certificate To get started, log in to you developer […]

How to Make a Bootable Linux USB on Mac OS X

I’ve tried using disk utility and didn’t seem to get anywhere. Using linux’s dd command seems to work best. Step 1. Open up the Terminal app and enter in: diskutil list Figure out what your usb device is called – mine was called /dev/disk1. Step 2. Unmount the disk: diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk1 Step 3. Copy […]