Master Use License Agreement

Similarly, the money earned from these master`s recordings allows the label to continue to bear the costs of signing new deeds, in the hope that a few will provide more assets in the long run. Note: This example license is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended as a valid legal document. Please contact a qualified music lawyer if you need a sync license. A synchronization license (abbreviated synch license) gives the right to synchronize a composition with an audiovisual work. As already mentioned, Master Use licenses only grant the rights to use a copyrighted sound recording. The acquisition of a synchronization license and a master use license confers the rights to both compose and record the sound to be used within the project. Again, not finding a copyright owner is not a valid defense against infringement. Persons who have not duly authorized the sound recordings may be brought to justice for copyright infringement. For example, if Verizon wants to use the AC/DC song “Back In Black” for a TV commercial campaign, it must obtain a sync license from the song`s publishers. Royalties for sync licenses can range from a few hundred to thousands depending on usage, frequency, exclusivity, and other factors. I have a few questions for you.

You control the master, don`t you? NOTE: If you need master rights to the sound recording, you must also acquire the rights to sync the music composition. This is done through synchronization licenses and master use licenses. .