Template Of Business Introducer Agreement

In any case, the introducer must never act in the name and on behalf of the trademark. In particular, it will not enter into any agreement on behalf of the trademark. The introducer is _____ [Introduction to the introducer]. He is recognized in his field of activity. Upon expiry or termination of the contract, the trademark may continue its commercial relationship with potential customers introduced by the introducer, without the introducer being entitled to any remuneration or compensation. Excellent service and I have already recommended Companies Made Simple to many business partners. Carrie Colliss The Lady Golfer Club Ltd 19/09/2012 In this Agreement, the “introduction” is considered to have taken place when the importer transmits the details of a potential customer to the supplier. There are no fees or commissions to be paid to the importer, but must be paid if payments are received from time to time by the supplier of the presented customer (within an agreed time). Each Party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally and with immediate effect if the other Party fails to correct a material breach of its obligations under this Agreement and/or its obligations related to the relevant transaction within the limits of ______ [prior notification – z.B.

60 (sixty) days] following written notification by the other Party. by letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by other sufficiently convincing written means indicating the intention to apply this Article. We also have a shorter commission agreement, document A132 2.2 All potential customers that the importer wishes to present to the distributor will be presented separately. This list appears as Appendix 1 to this Agreement. You can enter into an agreement with a consultant so that you are introduced to their clients when they see their needs for products or services. Who can use this commission agreement? Anyone who intends to enter into a contract where they pay or earn a commission. What is the purpose of this Commission agreement? This is a general commission agreement for use by. This agreement does not require the importer to find orders for you or sell your products or services on your behalf as an agent. On the contrary, we include the possibility of preventing it from competing with you and selling similar goods or services. ______ [Identity of natural or legal person: click here to select the appropriate model] 11.2.2 The distributor will act in good will to ensure that the distributor or Systek would not take any action that would not affect or reduce in any way the commercial rights or benefits attributed to the importer under this Agreement. The distributor will inform the introducer of any change of control over TPL.

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