Ohio State University Indirect Cost Rate Agreement

12 12 Distribution of R&A cost recoveries Ohio State University – Office of the ControllerApril 15, 2008 The university`s core budgets now include revenue from R&A cost recoveries resulting from budget restructuring. With the exception of the library component, 100% of the annual changes in R&A cost cover revenues are directly allocated to the higher education institutions that generated them. R&A cost hedges are excluded from revenues imposed to cover essential obligations. The effective prices from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2023 are as follows: Based on the collective agreement, the prices of the projects funded on or after 07/1/16 are as follows: Miami University Pre-agreed meal prices Miami has several à la carte locations where the following approximate prices can be expected. For more information, visit the Conference & Event Services website. In situations where a waiver or reduction of indirect costs is required, the PI/will file an application with its department chair and dean for a clearly defined reason. After approval by the Chair of the Department and the Dean, the application is forwarded by the PI/to ORSP@ohio.edu where the MANAGER of the ORSP processes the request for final approval of the VPR. Total Direct Cost (TDC) including all direct costs, without exception. Prices are valid for an MTDC (Modified Total Direct Cost) basis, i.e.

all costs other than equipment (stand-alone items with a lifespan of at least 1 year and unit cost of at least USD 5,000); transformations and renovations; the cost of patient care; teaching; rental of off-site facilities; Subaward costs more than 25,000 $US. Organized research Organized research is research or scientific activity, whether funded by a grant or contract from federal sponsors or not, that must be budgeted and billed separately. These include projects that address a research question through the framework of teaching activities. Most grants and contracts fall into this category. For more information on names on or off campus and elements of the R&A rate, see the collective agreement. Download the industry-sponsored Ohio State R&A search rate (ohio state username #requis).